Our Mission

It is our mission to support the individuals we serve to live independently and make their own choices. It is the Mission of Casey Ball Supports Coordination, LLC to ensure that informed choices are made by the people served and those choices are supported by any service provider, family members, or appointed guardians.


Since April 2013, Casey Ball Supports Coordination, LLC has enhanced the quality of life of many Pennsylvania families by providing service coordination to seniors and individuals with disabilities. CBSC supports our clients to exercise self- determination and to be independent, productive, and integrated in all facets of community life.  Our clients live, learn, work, and enjoy life in the community by having access to supports, resources, and services.  The in home and community based supports can even include assistance related to renting, owning, or modifying an apartment or home.



In 2020, Casey Ball Supports Coordination became nationally certified to provide Guardianship services to at risk individuals across the state. Dedicated to a person-first/person-centered approach and the restoration of rights when appropriate, Casey Ball Supports Coordination, LLC seeks to encourage individuals to live a quality life.  The staff at Casey Ball attempts to learn the family, education, religious and ethnic cultures of each individual for whom they make decisions.  Casey Ball staff does not judge individuals for the decisions they have made that resulted in their requiring a Guardian, but evaluates their current decision making skills and assists them in making more appropriate decisions.

While each Guardian Representative is responsible for a particular group of individuals, by using a  team approach to surrogate decision making and advocacy, the Guardian Representatives process situations and creatively develop options to meet the needs of each individual.  Casey Ball consults with a medical doctor and/or licensed psychologist as needed.


Casey Ball Supports Coordination, LLC, is providing services to individuals approved for the ACT 150 Waiver & OBRA Waiver programs, and those in need of Guardianship.

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